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Settlement of American with Disabilities Act and Fair Employment Practices Act Claim
Sean Scoggin negotiated a settlement on behalf of our client, owner of a McDonald`s franchise, regarding a claim brought against it by a former employee pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act and Wyoming Fair Employment Practices Act.  
The employee alleged that he was discriminated against on the basis of his disability and that he was not afforded reasonable accommodations by his employer and that he was discharged on the basis of his disability.  
The evidence demonstrated that our client had made numerous attempts to accommodate the employee by providing a job coach and by moving him to different jobs within the restaurant.  He showed he was unable to perform the work in these different jobs at a satisfactory level or was otherwise restricted from the job due to health restrictions placed by his physicians.  The employee was discharged after he failed to show for a meeting to discuss appropriate work conditions for him and because the employer was informed that he had found new employment.  
The Employee agreed to accept as settlement $3,500.00 and six free Value Meal coupons.   

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